Volunteer at Wildflower Day!

30th March 2019

Booths at Wildflower Day 2018

Booths at Wildflower Day 2018

Wildflower Day (WFD) is an annual event put on by UNAREP, our non-profit organisation, to celebrate nature and the environment, and to bring the community together at Ulistac.  We invite local non-profits and other groups to host booths, offer tours of Ulistac, have live music from South Bay Folks, and even have a couple of appearances from Smokey Bear!  The event has been steadily growing over the past few years, and last year (despite the rainy forecast) we had an amazing 1000+ visitors!  Have a look at the WFD albums on our Facebook page to get a feel for what to expect (last year: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1922198931124215&type=1&l=72e9683e39).

Of course, we can't hold the event without volunteers!  We will need help throughout the day:

  • Set-up - 8am-10am - This will involve some physical work, erecting pop-ups, and laying out the tables and chairs and possibly some other last minute bits and pieces.  The more hands we have, the quicker this gets done!

  • During the event - 10am-2pm - If you want to work this shift, it would be best if you can arrive at 9:45am to get yourself set up before the crowds arrive.  Most of the work during the event will be helping to 'staff' our booths. UNAREP has 4 booths at WFD.  This is a very general outline of those booths, more details will be given before WFD:

    • Welcome Booth - welcoming people to Ulistac, sharing info about the event & tours, encouraging volunteering at work sessions, counting people coming in to the event, 'selling' t-shirts and tote bags, answering questions about Ulistac (and probably being asked where the toilets are!).

    • Ulistac Showcase Booth - This booth has many photos of plants and animals taken at Ulistac by our amazing volunteers! If you are assigned to this booth you will be answering questions about Ulistac and the things in the photos (descriptions on the back!), telling people about volunteering at Ulistac and, most importantly, pointing out that ALL the photos on that booth were taken at Ulistac.

    • Arts & Crafts booth - you don't have to be arty to do this, just be able to direct kids (and adults) in what to do. We normally have 2 craft activities on the go all day (this is where we need the most help).

  • Clean up - 2pm-whenever we are finished (usually about 3:30pm) - Taking down all the pop-ups, tables & chairs, picking up any trash, ensuring everything is put away. Again, the more hands we have, the quicker we get done.

South Bay Folks serenading the visitors.

South Bay Folks serenading the visitors.

Volunteers are needed for set up, during the event, and clean up.  If you prefer, you can also do a combination, i.e. 8am-12pm, or 12pm-finish, or even all day if you would like! Volunteers helping out during the event will get a chance to have a short break and a look around the event, but we would prefer that you did not go on any of the tours as they can sometimes take a long time and it isn't fair to the other volunteers at your station.

So that I can ensure that all of our booths are adequately 'staffed' for the whole day, I need to know availability of all volunteers who would like to help at WFD.

Under 14’s are welcome to volunteer as long as they are accompanied by an adult. We are happy to sign off any community service hours (please bring paperwork pre-filled out and a pen for us to sign - we will be busy!).

If you are able to help at Wildflower Day, please complete the form below.

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